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Drop into presence through your body.
My Offerings: ZenThai Shiatsu Therapy, Yoga & Meditation 

"Many people are alive but don't touch the miracle of being alive"

- Thich Nhat Hanh

My offerings

Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork

Drop into your body through Bodywork. Book a Session to receive tailored support and become healthier.


Aligning mind, body and spirit to fully come into the present moment. View Classes I offer online or in Person.


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What others Say

“Cedric is a beautiful soul with a loving touch. He holds a safe and nurturing space with a caring masculine presence. He is incredibly gifted at massage with a beautiful energy flowing through him. His touch is intuitive, confident, supportive, and loving. His capacity to be present and deeply listen to the body creates a space for one to feel truly held and safe to let go. I have had the honour of receiving many massages from Cedric; each one a gift. I have so much gratitude for these very heart opening and healing experiences with Cedric. 💜”

Theresa Data

Teacher, Canada

“Cedric is very gifted & has a natural touch when it comes to bodywork. The presence, love & sensitivity brings enabled me to completely surrender during our session. Not only was the session healing it was enjoyable too. I highly recommend.”

Bec Hills

Physiotherapist, Australia

“Cedric embodied a very welcome ability to ground deep body presence into his movements, techniques and pressure points in a way that felt both humble and assured at the same time. I felt I could relax into trusting his intuitive movements and manipulations of my body. He was energizing and at the same time calm patient and centered. He moved my body through many positions and activated specific pressure points that were exactly what I needed without my knowing it prior. The session unlocked my chest and back, and brought me back into my body more too. Cedric also imparted some key info on the specific areas of blocked energy in my system and insight into how that was playing out through my life. This was spot on and helpful. I lay for a long time after and just gratefully enjoyed the results.”

Bo Zwaniken

Sound Engineer, New Zealand

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