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Hello, my Name is Cedric and welcome to my Website.

In 2017 I was living in Hamburg, working 40 hours a week in an Office.  I didn’t love what I was doing. I was super busy. And I was miserable. I was great at suppressing those feelings. And not showing them to anyone. Honestly, I was overwhelmed.


It was at this time that I noticed a sense of desire. I was called to do a 6-Week Yoga Course. After the first class on a Monday night, I dropped into an incredible relaxation. I remember coming out of the class, stepping on a busy town square, yet feeling completely in my own peaceful bubble. I carried this feeling through my whole week. It gave me the presence and power to carry me throughout my weeks onwards. And from this day onward my curiosity about Yoga, Mindfulness and Spirituality just kept on growing. 


It was in 2019 that some bigger challenges presented themselves. I started a new career that was not what I expected or wanted it to be. I exited a 3 year relationship. For the first time there was space to ask myself deep questions like:


  • What do I really want to do with my life?
  • How can I live a happy and fulfilled life? 
  • What is truly important to me? What are my priorities?
  • How and where do I want to life?

Over the last 3 years I focussed on finding answers to my questions. It lead me to travel around the world and live in communities in Australia and Thailand. The pursuit of my questions lead me to places I would have not expected to go. And at the same time it lead me to meet some of my greatest teachers and learning lessons along the way. It also lead me to study ZenThai Shiatsu for a whole year with my great teacher Gwyn Williams. He lives at the base of a mountain in the East Coast of Australia and taught me a lot about Philosophy and the Art of simple living. He is true Inspiration to me. 


After completing my Therapist – Training in December 2021 I am now a certified


  • Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance listed, Nov 2019)
  • Unmasked Men Circle Facilitator (Apr 2021)
  • ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist (Dec 2021)

I am looking forward to supporting you on your journey through my offerings.

Looking forward to connect with you soon,


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